Rolex Submariner Replica
Rolex Replica Watches
The Submariner is the most popular Rolex replica watch on the internet and it can be difficult to spot a fake.

        Here are a couple of examples to show the difference in movements.
        Fake Rolex movement
        Fake Movement ——Rolex is never gold, this is an ETA movement
        Real Rolex movement
        Real Movement ——Notice the two red wheels

        The very best quality fakes are called “Swiss Grade 1″ and are so well made that if you don’t open the back even experienced pawn brokers can be fooled.

        Here some things you need to be aware of in order to help you spot a fake Rolex Submariner.

        The bezel on a genuine Submariner turns only in one direction: counter clockwise.
        Fakes often turn in both directions or in other words, they are bi-directional. –However all high quality replicas are correct in this feature.
        Bezel clicks: It takes 120 ‘clicks’ to make a full circle on a genuine Submariner.
        A quick test: count the clicks for a quarter of a turn. You should count 30 clicks. 30 x 4 == 120. Fakes often fail to copy this feature correctly. –This feature has been successfully replicated in all grade 1 replicas.
        Movement: Some years back the movement of the sweep hand was a fairly reliable way to spot a phony Rolex. Now the ETA movement does a beautiful job of replicating the second hand sweep of the genuine Rolex movement.
        Even with cheaper replicas it can be difficult to determine what kind of movement is inside based on watching the second hand sweep.
        The bracelet: One of the places that manufactures of Replica watches cut corners is on the band. If you look at an authentic Rolex band you can spot the difference in the fit, finish and logo. The genuine article will have a crown that stands out and is not tentative in it’s execution. While the fake will tend to be more rounded.
        Rolex bracelet clasps also have a pin that is finished on both ends. Whereas most fakes have a pin that looks like it was just cut off.
        Weight: A genuine Rolex is invariably a substantial piece of metal, unlike many of the light weight copies. This is because Rolex makes their cases out of solid 18k gold or stainless steel.
        Crystal: Late model IWC replica watches have a crystal made from sapphire and Rolex has started micro-etching a tiny crown logo into the crystal. –Be aware that until they were phased out in the ’80s Rolex crystals were plastic.
        Around 1972 Rolex introduced the “Hacking Feature”. On all current Rolex models the second hand stops dead when the winding stem is pulled out to set the time.
        There are many more differences but this will serve as a guideline.

        If you are going to deal in used Rolex watches, purchase the proper tool and always open the back. It’s cheaper to risk having to replace the gasket, than to get stuck with an expensive paperweight

        As a side note:
        I recently read where someone was taking genuine Rolex replica watches pulling the original movement and substituting a movement from ETA. They then sell the original Rolex action and try to pass the watch off as genuine.
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